2009 Research Grant to "Resilience Australia"


Building Children’s Resilience in Fire Affected Communities

The Mental Health Foundation of Australia in conjunction with Monash University Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology has received a research grant from Beyond Blue to develop and evaluate a new model of responding to the needs of children following a natural disaster.  This project will support and enhance existing agencies and structures for three communities. 


The project aims to:


(a) Establish and trial an indicated practical early intervention through a series of workshops across three selected communities to build children’s resilience, mental health and wellbeing following the experience of community based traumatic events (e.g., fires, floods, multiple deaths);


(b) Provide practical pathways to, and the provision of, early interventions in community settings for addressing trauma-related mental illness in children by training school teachers in identifying symptoms and signs of mental illness and by training clinicians in cognitive behavioural therapy designed to treat trauma.