Community Education Seminar Series 2014 Program

Community Education Seminar Series 2014


Presenter and Topic

4 March

Dr Manjula O'Connor "Migration Stress and Family"

1 April

Prof. Bruce Tonge "Youth Depression: Promoting Recovery"

6 May

Prof Anne Buist "Attachment and Mental Illness; Looking to Prevention" TBC

3 June

Prof Malcolm Hopwood "New Treatments in Depression"

1 July

Ms Helen Brooker "Problem Gambling and Mental Health"

5 August

Mr Jose Hernandez "Dual Diagnosis"

2 September

Dr Chris Mogan "Contemporary Self-Help Strategies for Anxiety and Depression"

7 October

Dr Keong Yap

11 November

A/Prof Felice Jacka

2 December

Prof Graham Burrows AO CJSJ