Event Organisers

To add your Mental Health Week event to our listing you must be a registered Website User and have joined the Mental Health Week Event Organisers group.

To post up details of your event, you need to:

1. Login (you can do that here)

2. Go to the Manage My Events page (follow the link in your profile)

3. Select Add Event and fill out the form. Describe your event in a couple of sentences, a paragraph or more. Make sure you include the time of day in your description.

4. Submit the form. You will receive an email telling you it's been accepted.

You can continue to add more events as you need, or edit approved events listed on your Manage My Events page.


How to Register, Log in and join the Event Organisers Group

You can register as a Website User here and fill in the form.   

If you have registered, you can login here.

Once you have logged in, click the Join Group link, and joined the Mental Health Week Event Organisers group..

Please report problems to: admin(at)mentalhealthvic.org.au